I received a letter from Asset (***) Acceptance offering me a discount of $999 on a Citibank card that has been paid off several years ago and closed. AA says I owe $4905.55.

Two things are making me ROTFL, one--I have documentation that I paid off all my bad credit from the past.

Number two is the funnier one....AA addressed me with the wrong name...sooo good luck to them! I will not respond to them or any phone calls the make and if it goes further, then I will contact my state's Attorney General.

If anyone else is having an issue with them and you deal with them just tell them you are contacting your AG's office and I bet you AA will never bug you again.

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Why don't you just send them a copy of the letter that states that the account they arerequesting payment for is closed


Seeking witnesses for claims we are making against Asset Acceptance.

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