theese careless ruthless *** took every cent i had over a credit card default over 6 years old no warning or nothing called them from the bank they said to pay them 11,000 dollars or there was nothing they could do ill tell you what they can do they left me with no money 2 kids no gas money for work no food i hope they all rot in *** how can anyone work for a place like that and still sleep at night i hope something like that happends to all of them after six or seven years times change theese people suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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this credit company is the worst i have 3 kids and took over a bank acct i had joint with someone else , left it with 100 dollars this was in march 2011 its been over 3 mnths and the remaining amount of money that was taken has not yet been returned. :(


Consumers are victims...we have no rights against a company like this. Asset claims I owe them money...I never had an account with the credit card company they claim that I did. They filed a judgment against me that I did not know about until I checked my bank account one morning to find it was garnished. This judgment was 5 years old! They claim I was served papers which I never received, so an attorney tells me since I never responded or showed up in court, it is like admitting that the debt is mine. They garnished my bank account and took my son's SSI check, which is against the law. The bank refunded me the money and any overdraft fees caused by them after a month.

I had to hire an attorney and I will be filing bankruptcy because Asset divulged to my attorney that "there were two more out there" in my name! My attorney was able to get the names of the companies and guess what...I have never had an account with these companies either. The only way for me to remove the judgment from my credit report is to file bankruptcy or pay Asset. If I pay Asset to settle the judgment, they can come after me for the other two they say I owe.

People beware....if your name is similar to someone's, they will try to nail you. Asset Acceptance are the lowest of the low. I hope they all die for what they have done to me and other innocent people out there. Their A rating through the BBB was bought and paid for...If you can, hire an attorney to get this straightened out. I refuse to let them push me around and intimidate me.

Good luck everyone....we need laws to protect us!

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