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I spoke to a Lady by the name of Faith Moore on December 10th.She called me trying to collect a debt of $158 dollars.

I told her that I couldnt pay her right away and she said fine, she would post date my check for December 31st. I specified to her 3 times that I DID NOT HAVE THE MONEY IN MY ACCOUNT TILL THE 24rth to PLEASSSEEEE make sure that she notes that in her computer. She re-assured me 3 more times not to worry, that the check WON'T be cashed till the 31st. So guess what happends next?

I check my account today, 12/16 and they posted my check!!! Causing me to over draft 5 TIMES!!! I called her immidietly, and although she recognized that it was her mistake, she was extremely rude to me telling me that I should know how to manager my bank account better. WHO DOES SHE THINk SHE IS??

IT WAS HER FAULT IN THE FIRST PLACE AS TO WHY MY ACCOUNT IS OVERDRAWN! nOT MINE! she then handed the phone over to her boss and her boss basically told me in a really nasty way that they could not do anything and then just hung up on me. I AM SOOOOOOO MAD!



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This people have been harrasing my father for a debt he does not owe.This is fraud.

They want to collect just because he has the same name of a person they are looking for. I filed a complaint with the Attorney General of my state. I checked credit report and it is clear.

Called the debt company Asset claims I owe and they told me I did not owe them nothing.Fraud is what is happening here

Sako Tijir

Well, check the Federal Trade Comission website under Consumer Debt FAQ and you'll find that is a violation for them. Basically, they broke the law when they deposited a post-dated check early. Use this to fight them in court and win.

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