I have never heard from Asset Acceptance previously before the call I received from them while on the job. I asked them what was the nature of their call?

They explained the reason for the call and I in turn TRIED to explain to them that I do not owe them or any other so-called company they are speaking on behalf of a dime. I am a victim of identity theft over 5 years ago and I did NOT charge this debt. They hung up on me. They never even tried to contact me at home, first call was to my place of employment.

Thank gosh I am in Managment wher I am employeed and it was not an ordeal I had to contend with. This company is a joke and very unprofessional.

I have only been contacted once and I feel confident they got the picture and will no longer contact me.

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Yes, Asset Acceptance has won a judgement against me for a debt I have no idea where, who or what. I repeatedly tried to get paper work and was given the run around to five different companies.

Still the judge granted the judgement. Is there any help anywhere?!!!!


:( I recieved a letter today from Asset Acceptance for a debt I do not owe! They told me I would have to prove it.




I don not owe a dime either. i got served a judgement in my maiden name for something i have no clue what it is for. This is a scamming company out to take your money.

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