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Was notified from our cu that assest acceptance had them served and a joint account frozen. I contacted them and have talked to 5 different people and gotten 5 different solutions. The last one told me that my case has to go back to court now??? I do not work. I am currently awaiting disability. The money is from my husbands hard work. These people are a nightmare. Jump through hoops for... Read more

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Your initial issue may be from 25 years ago but it's now going to hit your credit score and stay on there for 7 years once they report it. I had the same issue from 10 years ago and not only did I have the original debt/collection on my credit report, I now have the collecting hit on there as well. So it's a double hit that seems to last a lift time and no one seems to care to resolve. It's... Read more

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they are now garnishing my wages. made a deal with Shawn Baker to send 1000.00 and a 200.00 per month payment plan. I asked Shawn Baker to please send me email conformation of this deal. I've yet to receive that, and now i have been on hold with this company for about 30 min now. haven't even spoken to any one.........this is a cc debt from over 25 yrs ago...........i have no problem with making... Read more

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Had an old credit card with Wells Fargo that was closed and sent to Asset Acceptance. Paid off in FULL to Asset, over $1200. Now, trying to get a mortgage and the account is still showing as owing a balance. Not getting anywhere talking to Wells Fargo OR Asset. Need this account OFF the credit reports. I don't know what our next steps should be to rectify this account. It seems like some scam... Read more

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They are crooks! I sent payment to settle debt, they returned it with a letter stating more money than whats on my credit report. They keep jacking up the price!! Read more

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this company bought my brother in laws debt from citibank. they hired a law firm that specializes in debt collection in the new york area. they attached my husbands social security number to a court order and took money out of our account. we had to take the law firm to court and are now waiting to get our money back. if you are having trouble with them call 202-326-3292 and speak with j. reilly... Read more

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Assest managed to get my account number from my bank and garnished what I had in the bank. How can I stop them from doing this. Add comment

Are they legit. I was paying these people and all of a sudden they disappeared for a year or more. I thought oh god, I must be done. On day I got served stating that I owed additional thousands of $. I need resolution. How about a class action. Needless to say I am making monthly payments. I hope and pray for a solution to company thieves. Add comment

This collection ws so old n i had. Ins. In case i became disabled. N i did, they told me they would pay it off, then i get a letter that they were taking me to court in L A CA..n since i didn't $how up they won. I jjust found out they took 700 dlls. N left me broke.Mind u im only on disability. Last year i didn't get any info on this. How can this be. Im a widow. Can they take my only income from... Read more

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These scumbags have taken almost $11000 of my money through an illegal wage garnishment. How do I stop these thieves??? Add comment

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